Work Culture Opportunity

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Think about it for a moment!  What if this was one of the bottom line benchmarks?  Go Sir Richard!


My REI summer season deal

So I finally got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill – my REI member dividend!! Yay.  It let me buy a pretty nice gift for myself.

Tough choices with all the fun toys at the store, but I decided to get a new pair of $110 trail shoes for close to $40-$45 by using my dividend and a 20% discount.  I feel happy =)


Distorted Eyes

One goal in life I have is to create meaningful content around make-up and beauty that celebrates the natural shape of Asians eyes (on the right) instead of distorting it to look like something entirely different (on the left).  I’m all for accentuating features, but this is not accentuating and appreciating the eye shape.  

Here’s another picture that distorts the eye even more dramatically.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.06.35 PM

Not sure how happy that girl is….

Here’s the comparison of make-up done in a way that accentuates the natural shape of these Asian women:

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.06.05 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.06.20 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.06.56 PM

I’m all for having natural eyes.

By the way, there’s plenty of white women with beautiful eyes regardless of size…..

For example, Taylor Swift. Can you image Taylor with eye makeup to make her eyes look unreasonably huge?  It’s like her getting DD breast implants.  Just doesn’t work.

I think she’s happy with them as is and is successful nonetheless.

 Original distorted eye post I first read is below:

My Humor Doesn’t Match My FB Friends

So ANOTHER reason why a blog is so great, is that you can share humor with other people that potentially have similar tastes as you, especially when you realize your Facebook friends do not! I posted this yesterday on FB and got NO response…..

Why don’t they like humor? I dunno??

This genius clip shows the absurdity of deeply rooted stereotypes from an array of perspectives.  Well done Key & Peele!  ( I also love the second skit below, Sub Teacher).



Social Nerdy Data

Socially Relevant Nerdy Data

Background:  My parents wanted me to be a doctor or engineer (yawn) but I couldn’t stand the class.  I literally jumped around playing patty-cake and singing songs to keep me awake while waiting for reactions to occur in my beaker (yawn, yawn).  So one of my majors was stats, thinking I’d get some more social rather than science excitement out of the classes. Unfortunately, I was stuck w/ a bunch of corn seed case studies…and never got to sow my wild f(x) = ing + mx+b + 2*social+ exciting (x)^5 + life, with a σ = 2.

Foreground: So here. From today. I will start sharing with you, “Social Nerdy Data.”

First up, Wait But Why’s article on How to Name a Baby.  Thanks Tim & Andrew.

Baby Names