What’s that?  The first time I saw this word was on a Mashable post, in which I was actually drawn to image of Tony Hsieh, CEO (or should I say “former CEO”) of Zappos.   I was thinking, “Oh! Where is he moving off to if he’s no longer going to be CEO of Zappos?”

That’s when I stumbled upon a new management system called Holacracy.


If you go to the Holacracy.org site, you’ll see the chart below and more details describing the purpose and difference from other management styles:

“Everyone becomes a leader of their roles and a follower of others’, processing tensions with real authority and real responsibility, through dynamic governance and transparent operations”


On the Holacracy Blog, there’s a video interview with Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, who spoke about Holacracy.


He says Holacracy creates structure to allow people more creativity and freedom.  It’s the opposite of the “start-up” freedom, as Evan touches on the erroneous romanticisized view of start-up culture.  Jonathan Rosenfeld, an organizational psychologist, is also interviewed in the video.  He talks about all the conversations people don’t have, doing cost-benefit analysis to put it off until the pain point is too great.

I know very little about Holacracy, but it is exciting to know that there are movements towards making the workplace a more fulfilling, productive environment for employees.  It is spurring me on to reflect on the Fortune 200 company that I am currently employed at and what I can do or think about more broadly as options.

Holacracy is new and different, grounding breaking as a viewpoint towards corporate culture.  Of course start-ups have less to risk by implementing Holacracy, but the stakes have risen on Wall Street now that Amazon’s Zappos is making the move.  And all of this — to me — is refreshing.


Social Nerdy Data

Socially Relevant Nerdy Data

Background:  My parents wanted me to be a doctor or engineer (yawn) but I couldn’t stand the class.  I literally jumped around playing patty-cake and singing songs to keep me awake while waiting for reactions to occur in my beaker (yawn, yawn).  So one of my majors was stats, thinking I’d get some more social rather than science excitement out of the classes. Unfortunately, I was stuck w/ a bunch of corn seed case studies…and never got to sow my wild f(x) = ing + mx+b + 2*social+ exciting (x)^5 + life, with a σ = 2.

Foreground: So here. From today. I will start sharing with you, “Social Nerdy Data.”

First up, Wait But Why’s article on How to Name a Baby.  Thanks Tim & Andrew.

Baby Names


Ordinary is Extraordinary

I love street art. I love the charm, wit, and delight artists bring to some of the most mundane things we pass daily.

It compels you to stop. It mesmerizes you to think and feel.

One of my favorites is Banksy, Park, Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.55.23 AM




Life is so much more than your 9 to 5