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Social Nerdy Data

Socially Relevant Nerdy Data

Background:  My parents wanted me to be a doctor or engineer (yawn) but I couldn’t stand the class.  I literally jumped around playing patty-cake and singing songs to keep me awake while waiting for reactions to occur in my beaker (yawn, yawn).  So one of my majors was stats, thinking I’d get some more social rather than science excitement out of the classes. Unfortunately, I was stuck w/ a bunch of corn seed case studies…and never got to sow my wild f(x) = ing + mx+b + 2*social+ exciting (x)^5 + life, with a σ = 2.

Foreground: So here. From today. I will start sharing with you, “Social Nerdy Data.”

First up, Wait But Why’s article on How to Name a Baby.  Thanks Tim & Andrew.

Baby Names