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How To Shop At Target In 20 Simple Steps

Thought Catalog

Nobody is immune to reckless spending tendencies induced by the bulls-eye donning, shopping goliath that is Target. Once you step inside, you’re hit by something I like to call the Target Haze. It’s basically a red and khaki aura that mists over you, making the stingiest folks disregard their budgets and splurge like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s the only possible method to adapt when entering the beloved Tar-jay.

1. Don’t wear any articles of red clothing to Target because you will be mistaken for an employee.

2. Have a plan. No, it’s not going to work — but it’s adorable that you want to try. Make it short and sweet. If you’re extra determined (which is even more cute), scout the ads and the website in advance so that you have a serious shopping strategy. Ha.

3. As you make your way towards the entrance, be distracted by Target’s big…

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My Humor Doesn’t Match My FB Friends

So ANOTHER reason why a blog is so great, is that you can share humor with other people that potentially have similar tastes as you, especially when you realize your Facebook friends do not! I posted this yesterday on FB and got NO response…..

Why don’t they like humor? I dunno??

This genius clip shows the absurdity of deeply rooted stereotypes from an array of perspectives.  Well done Key & Peele!  ( I also love the second skit below, Sub Teacher).