It Ain’t Easy


i need all the help i can get, cuz life ain’t easy.   And while i believe in God, there’s lots in the world that draws me elsewhere.

i am no expert.

i hate studying theology like i hated taking chemistry classes (see nerdy data post for background).  Maybe it’s the way religion is taught, just as stale and boring as history or grammar.  But maybe it’s because of the air of arrogance around the subject of religion and faith.

Religion is so personal.

i shift around uneasy in the decision of  adding a Faith/Religion section to my blog.  Albeit public, this is a blog reflecting content i care about, so…..

They say, “God is enough.”

Hard to believe. Some days i wake up in agreement and other days i doubt that it’s true.  Let’s take the plunge; let’s see if it’s true.

Who’s They?

Where’s the content and people we will plunge into?  Out there somewhere.  Hmm…the obvious –> The Bible, C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, Francis Chan.  It gets fuzzy after that….Rick Warren, Billy Graham…ewww, we’re creeping too close to “theologians” and I’m starting to cringe (in between dry heaving convulsions).  I guess I can add John Piper just because he’s locally talked about and there are drones of glossy eyed fans around town.

Trying to google christian theologians, I get to this site where someone listed their top five people, none being familiar to me.

  1. Athanasius of Alexandria
  2. Augustine of Hippo
  3. Thomas Aquinas
  4. John Calvin
  5. Karl Barth

But for fun, let’s add non-theologian commentary from people such as Susan Cain and Malcolm Gladwell.

If any of you get this far down the post, then you’ll know that I’m requesting more recommendations from you on people, books, or what have you regarding faith and God.   Thanks in advance.


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