What’s that?  The first time I saw this word was on a Mashable post, in which I was actually drawn to image of Tony Hsieh, CEO (or should I say “former CEO”) of Zappos.   I was thinking, “Oh! Where is he moving off to if he’s no longer going to be CEO of Zappos?”

That’s when I stumbled upon a new management system called Holacracy.


If you go to the Holacracy.org site, you’ll see the chart below and more details describing the purpose and difference from other management styles:

“Everyone becomes a leader of their roles and a follower of others’, processing tensions with real authority and real responsibility, through dynamic governance and transparent operations”


On the Holacracy Blog, there’s a video interview with Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, who spoke about Holacracy.


He says Holacracy creates structure to allow people more creativity and freedom.  It’s the opposite of the “start-up” freedom, as Evan touches on the erroneous romanticisized view of start-up culture.  Jonathan Rosenfeld, an organizational psychologist, is also interviewed in the video.  He talks about all the conversations people don’t have, doing cost-benefit analysis to put it off until the pain point is too great.

I know very little about Holacracy, but it is exciting to know that there are movements towards making the workplace a more fulfilling, productive environment for employees.  It is spurring me on to reflect on the Fortune 200 company that I am currently employed at and what I can do or think about more broadly as options.

Holacracy is new and different, grounding breaking as a viewpoint towards corporate culture.  Of course start-ups have less to risk by implementing Holacracy, but the stakes have risen on Wall Street now that Amazon’s Zappos is making the move.  And all of this — to me — is refreshing.


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